Proud to be the promat durasteel Licensee for duct work, barriers and cable enclosures.

Promat Durasteel® UK Services

As a company 100% dedicated to the supply and installation of Promat Durasteel®, and covering the whole of the UK, it is our belief that we are best positioned to deliver bespoke solutions to achieve your fire containment requirements.

Promat Durasteel® delivers high performance capabilities in many applications, and lends itself to be tailored to suit most performance criteria.

We pride ourselves in a professional, reliable and consultative approach throughout the whole project, from design development to installation and handover, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project should you have any specific Promat Durasteel® or high fire protection performance requirements.

Promat DURASTEEL is a composite panel of fibre-reinforced cement with punched steel sheets mechanically bonded to both outer surfaces.

Promat DURASTEEL offers panels, fire ducts, and doors combining lightness, strength, impact, and blast resistance with exceptional fire resistance.

Promat DURASTEEL is an established and proven solution to face the challenges of fire, blast, and impact protection.

The benefits of PROMAT DURASTEEL include:

  • Protection and safe evacuation of employees, officials and the public
  • Protection to ensure minimal disruption to business and the public
  • Protection of building structures and fixtures
  • Protection of surrounding areas and the environment

SBL Fire Solutions are experienced and accredited Promat DURASTEEL installers. We are a proud Licensee for PROMAT DURASTEEL ductwork, barriers and cable enclosures.

After installation, each system undergoes a rigorous check before it is issued a Certificate of Conformity.

Contact us today if you are interested in Promat DURASTEEL fire protection.

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